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How to Prevent Insider Threats – Verensics

Preventing insider threats requires getting to know your employees, but most surveys provide little useful information. Instead, use Verensics’ quick online interview to assure employee integrity.

As threat management professionals, it is our duty to intervene before an
individual with privileged access or a deep understanding of our organization’s
operation commits harmful or hostile acts.

Therefore, we develop insider threat, code of conduct, and ethics compliance
programs, which are designed to keep our employees, customers, and assets safe.

“Proactive” is the keyword for insider threat programs.

Digital monitoring tools are good to track and investigate events after the damage
is done.

However, not all insider threats can be monitored. Stealing proprietary
information is as simple as taking a screenshot.

To run an effective program, you need to get to know your people, be proactive,
and give those who care a way to inform you about harmful action or red flags.
The alternative is expensive – it can cost millions and take years to recover from
an incident.

And it creates low employee morale, a bad public image, continued financial loss,
unhappy customers, and decreased productivity.

Stop settling for surveys with confusing and vague reports.

That’s where Verensics comes in.

To allow you to manage the most meaningful risk evaluation and threat
management programs. We are a B2B SaaS platform that uses AI-powered
interviews to evaluate the life cycle of personnel risk and assure employee

Verensics is the only platform that mimics a face-to-face interview with an I/O
psychologist. It adapts question sets and communicates feedback to each
interviewee based on multiple factors, such as their actual responses, physical
behaviors, and cognitive behaviors.

It’s like having a team of experts managing your insider threat program, at a
fraction of the price.

Our reports present admissions of harmful behavior alongside employee
observations, allowing you to gain the full picture from every interview.
It is unbiased, eliminates embarrassment, and only takes 15 minutes – with a
much better employee experience.

Now – with the push of a button, you can streamline your insider threat

Contact Verensics today to get started.

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