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Organized Retail Crime and Insiders

Organized Retail Crime and Insiders What is Organized Retail Crime? Organized retail crime (ORC) involves the alliance of two or more individuals illegally acquiring merchandise
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How to Prevent Insider Threats – Verensics

Preventing insider threats requires getting to know your employees, but most surveys provide little useful information. Instead, use Verensics’ quick online interview to assure employee
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Avoid Misconduct by Hiring Better Employees

Every organization wants to hire the best employees. Where background checks fail, Verensics succeeds by using smart questionnaires that focus on criminal and counterproductive work
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This is How Investigations are Handled in 2023 – Verensics

Successful workplace investigations require skilled investigators, time, and money. Learn how Verensics can simplify the process by using AI-powered interviews that mimic a corporate investigator.
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Kid Car partners with Verensics to provide a safer ride

Using adaptive interview tools to put the right person behind the wheel. NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today Kid Car, the only
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Conducting More Successful Investigative Interviews

Conducting More Successful Investigative Interviews How do you conduct effective investigative interviews? Russ Law, CEO of Verensics, recently joined Rob Baillieul in the Liferaft Physical
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