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Avoid Misconduct by Hiring Better Employees

Every organization wants to hire the best employees. Where background checks fail, Verensics succeeds by using smart questionnaires that focus on criminal and counterproductive work behaviors.

It’s important to our company culture to know if our candidates have past criminal behavior and habits.
So, we all use background check screening on our candidates. But we can’t run a background check before making a conditional offer, which puts us at the end of the hiring process.

But even then, background checks are unreliable. The fact is that 95% of workplace crime and misconduct goes unreported. The main reason is: risk avoidance.

Employers are incentivized to avoid reporting these behaviors for prosecution to avoid legal battles and reputational hits. Even when it is reported, it’s relatively easy to clean up a criminal record.

Whether it’s due to lack of reporting or a cleaned-up record, we keep using a data source that we knowingly don’t keep up to date and that we know has incomplete data.

That’s where Verensics comes in. We are a business-to-business SaaS platform that uses AI to fill the gaps in the employment screening and vetting process.

Verensics evaluates the life cycle of personnel risk to address challenges related to pre-employment screening, current employee integrity assurance, and internal workplace investigations – using smart questionnaires focused on criminal and counterproductive work behavior.

Our software mimics a face-to-face interview with an I/O psychologist and corporate investigator.

It adapts questions and presents feedback based on each unique interviewees’ actual responses as well as physical and cognitive behavioral indicators, just like an actual interviewer.

And – since we are considered an interview – you can use us earlier in your process.

You save time, money, and – most important – reduce workplace incidents by orders of magnitude. It’s like having a team of I/O psychologists and corporate investigators at a fraction of the price.

Did you know that out of the 158 million employees in the US, more than 1 million are terminated annually for workplace crime and misconduct? And they are at all levels of seniority – executive leadership through entry level. Two things they have in common: first, they all were top candidates, and second, they passed a background check. And you know what? They are going to keep passing background checks.

Take advantage of our technology to scale your team and automate your hiring, insider threat, and investigative processes:

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING: Identify candidates with past criminal behaviors and habits earlier in your process.

ROUTINE EMPLOYEE SCREENING: Ensure your compliance and insider threat teams stay responsibly aware of misconduct.

INTERNAL WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS: Automate investigative interviews, and streamline your team efforts, saving hundreds of work hours and travel.

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